Fall '16
Topics in Computational Design
  <Research Methods>
INSTRUCTOR Ji-Hyun Lee, Associate Professor
Office: N25 3237, x2919
E-mail: jihyunlee@kaist.ac.kr

Andrew Li, Associate Professor (Adjunct Professor in CT, KAIST)
E-mail: i@andrew.li

Lecture: T, Th 2:30 - 4:00pm, CT Lecture Hall 3239
TA: Noh-young Park (nypark@kaist.ac.kr)

LECTURES Here is the schedule of all lecture material, readings, homeworks and students' team information for this semester. You can also check the KLMS from KAIST.
OBJECTIVES This course aims to help students understand what academic research is, how academics do it, and how they write about it. This should help students think about their own research more clearly and write about it more effectively.
  • This course is for MS or PhD students, preferably in their first year.
    TEXTBOOKS 1. Booth, Wayne C., Gregory M. Colomb, & Joseph M. Williams (2008). The craft of research (3rd ed.). Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.
    2. (optional) Williams, Joseph M. & Joseph Bizup (2016). Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace (12th ed.). Pearson.

    * Readings and references will be posted on our course website or handed out periodically.

    The grade will break down as follows:

    Regular reading and writing assignments: 40%
    Final paper: 50%
    Attendance + Individual Contribution to the Quality of the Course: 10%